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From 1999 to 2006 I wrote a local political column that frequently applied themes from my academic essays to issues in Brookline, Massachusetts, where I was living at the time. When I wasn't doing my regular column I sometimes wrote occasional guest columns.

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 Guest Columns 2001

Against MCAS, Now more than ever (opposition to high-stakes testing)

September 11 and Aftermath

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 Brookline Newcomer


Heralding a change
Boston Herald buys TAB and other CNC newspapers; will quality improve? (12 October)
Zipcar advances, Transportation Board reverses
Car-sharing good idea, but won't solve town's problems (5 October)
Sydney accuses, then loses
Incumbent state rep's campaign collapses over mistaken endorsement claims (28 September)
Chomsky-Zinn and Reich in competing forums
Professorial politicos speak to Brookline audiences (21 September)
MCAS opposition: Another year
State efforts to salvage the high-stakes test matched by growing opposition (7 September)
Candidates' ho-hum debate
State Rep candidates meet but shed little new light (31 August)
Easy diversity from Lieberman to Brookline
The veep nominee's middling tolerance test is like Brookline's claim to diversity (24 August)
The corporate MCAS agenda
Why corporations work so hard to impose high stakes testing (17 August)
[Published in revised format in alternative media]
Kvetching in Paradise
Thoughts on my one-year column-writing anniversary (10 August)
Ronny's PIPERS are a pip
Would you join a group called "Progressive Intelligent People"? (3 August)
Barney Frank's wrong about Ralph's run
Congressman Barney Frank vs.the moderately Green Ralph Nader (27 July)
Sydney and Smizik: Debate Now!
Liberal State-Representative candidates should clarify issues (20 July)
Resident parking concerns still ignored
Transportation Board shrugs off widespread concerns (13 July)
Toward a living wage
Town Meeting votes to study a living wage for private employees (6 July)
Urban-suburban MCAS opposition
Anti-MCAS movement embraces justice agenda (29 June)
Power in high places
School Committee Chairperson cuts off debate (22 June)
Missing the process point
Expertise, justice, values, and principles in town policy making (15 June)
Procedural injustice on Greenough Street
Town government's decision violates promise (8 June)
The MCAS boycott-support workshops and beyond
High school students grapple with direct action options (1 June)
Opinions and disclosures
What should columnists disclose about their political allegiances? (25 May)
Voters stay home, progressives lose
Progressive Selectman candidates avoid issues & get trounced (11 May)
MCAS boycotters one, School Committee less than zero
School Committee hides from MCAS boycott; students boycott anyway (27 April)
Town election campaign sidesteps substance
Candidates avoid differentiating issues (6 April)
Some solutions to our parking problem
More on Brookline's insoluble problem (23 March)
Anti-MCAS momentum
Statewide test boycott growing, but town's position remains ambiguous (9 March)
Town Meeting needs a boost
Voice of the People or Selectmen's Rubber Stamp? (24 February)
Tax the rich
To pay for town services (3 February)
Kill MCAS--before it's too late
Boycott ill-conceived standardized test that's required for HS diploma (20 January)
Think locally, organize globally
Organize against corporate chains & the World Trade Organization (6 January)
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Another backyard paved over?
To make yet another parking lot! (16 December)
Preventing high school rape starts in early childhood
Must also end traditional sex roles (2 December)
How about a parking experiment?
Inequities in Brookline's No Parking policy (11 November)
School magazine sale teaches wrong values
Raise money without competition & consumerism (28 October)
Impressive hotel debate sidesteps core issues
Don't sell town-owned open space (7 October)
Let a thousand handbills bloom
Ignore town regulation against handbilling! (23 September)
A call to arms against big development
Prevent neighborhood destruction (9 September)
White and yellow do not make a rainbow
Town is diverse, but blacks and Latinos are absent (26 August)
Brookline's inflated "A" grade in recycling
Most waste still dumped! (12 August)
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Brookline is an urban/suburban town of about 59,000 surrounded on three sides by Boston. Lots of professors live here, and self-described progressives, and there are parks and restaurants and movies and bookstores. But no place is perfect. Social injustice, environmental destruction, restricted speech, overdevelopment, corporate expansion, consumerism, political cowardice, police abuses -- these are issues here, as everywhere...

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