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Personal/Political Essays

Most of my writing has been for academic and political journals, but occasionally I've turned to more self-consciously personal essays. Some of these essays also touch on political topics -- the personal does turn out to be political, after all....


Many people reach this page via a Web search for "personal essays" or "political essays." I'm glad for your visit.

However, if you're looking for an essay to pass off as one of your own for a school assignment, I don't think you'll find much of use. I also don't like someone using my work without attribution.

If your need for a homework shortcut stems from dissatisfaction with your education, check out these education activism sites.

Published Essays

Border Lines and Border Regions, Political and Personal (2016)

My Return to Israel (2005)

Jerusalem Again: A Personal Political Journey (2004)

Mostly written in 2000-2002

Pizza Night / a group of comrades forms and transforms

Codeless / confronting death and rules in my ambulance-job past

Nostalgia Tripping / the past moves forward

My Daughter's Education / public school affects creativity and individuality

From A Married Anarchist / reconciling politics and life

Disability Blues / bummer

Other pieces with personal components

More on personal history

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Academic Papers Opinion Columns Personal Essays Course Materials
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