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Critical Psychology


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The term critical psychology refers to a variety of approaches
that challenge mainstream psychology's assumptions and practices
that help sustain unjust political, economic, and other societal structures.

A brief encyclopedia entry gives a quick account of the development of, and distinctions between, critical psychology and radical psychology. In either case, for me,

social justice is central.

This page lists my critical psychology work.
Links to other sites and resources are at the bottom, but many are outdated.

Frequently Asked Questions

   Critical Psychology: An Introduction

Second edition

Edited by
Dennis Fox
Isaac Prilleltensky
& Stephanie Austin

Table of Contents

"The arrival of a second edition of this classic is an exciting event. The editors have assembled a world class array of authors to bring students to the forefront of critical scholarship today. Adding to the work's luster are fresh new chapters on critical social issues, along with a set of new pedagogical aids. Bravo!"

Kenneth J. Gergen, Senior Research Professor Swarthmore College

"An excellent book in all respects - compulsory reading for scholars interested in a socio-political contextual analysis of complex human behaviour."

David F. Marks
City University, London

Critical Psychology Cover

First edition

Edited by
Dennis Fox
& Isaac Prilleltensky

Introductions to all 19 chapters

"It provides a comprehensible and on the whole accessible introduction to the area and therefore is a volume that is to be recommended for third-year undergraduates- but not just before finals, as it will certainly challenge many of their beliefs and values and could confuse them no end."

Jeremy Swinson (2000).
Mentoring and Tutoring, 8:2

First edition also published in Greek and Indonesian!

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 Critical Psychology Articles/Chapters/Presentations

My critiques of mainstream psychology's norms, organized psychology's political stances, and more. In some cases critical psychology is tangential to the main point. My other academic papers listed elsewhere are even further removed. Full details in my cv.

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 Courses I've taught...

...incorporate critical perspectives on psychology as well as on law and society.

 Reading Suggestions


The Radical Psychology Network, which I co-founded, was an international organization of radical/critical psychologists and others. The static website includes old position papers, policy statements, and more. We also had an e-mail discussion list.

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 Critical Psychology Teaching Materials

Materials on the RadPsyNet site include syllabi, reading lists, etc.

fancy bullet markStudying Critical Psychology

General information and advice about studying critical psychology.

Only a few graduate programs open to one form or another of critical psychology are listed here.
The UK Discourse Unit has a longer list of options around the world.

If you're looking for undergraduate departments, start by looking at schools with related grad programs.

Universities in the US (interesting but not explicitly defined as "critical" - so ask questions!)

Non-US Degree Programs

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