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Newly Added Material

June 2016 Changing Society while Changing Ourselves (interview)
May 2016 Border Lines and Border Regions, Political and Personal (personal essay)
October 2015
Parallels, Intersections, and Clashes: Journeys through the Fringes (conference paper/book chapter)
March 6, 2013 Cleaned up Links Page - removed broken links
March 6, 2013 Added new section on Sexuality Relationships, Psychology and Politics and Discussion Outline on Polyamory Psychology and Politics
December 25, 2012 Critical Psychology and Social Struggles (interview)
May 3, 2012 New photo website:
January 2, 2012 Anarchism (encyclopedia entry)
November 20, 2011
Reflections on Occupying (journal article)
February 13, 2011 Competing Narratives about Competing Narratives: Psychology and Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (article) 
January 8, 2011
Anarchism and Psychology (conference paper/journal article)
January 13, 2010
 2008-09 Photo Galleries (abstracts, natural, people, places)
July 14 Critical and Radical Psychology (encyclopedia entry)
July 14 Seminar Syllabus: Psychology and Society in Critical Perspective
April 19 Course Description: Psychology and Society in Critical Perspective (York University)
April 19 Disability Blues (old personal essay, finally published)
February 16 New Photo Galleries: Jordan/Israel/Palestine 2008
January 9 Getting Beyond the Slogans and Rhetoric (Op-Ed)
August 20 Palestinians Under Siege: A Critical Psychology Perspective on Mental Health and Justice (conference presentation)
June 9 Table of Contents for Critical Psychology: An Introduction (2nd ed. 2009)
April 17 Reorganized photo pages, including prices for prints and photobooks.
March 30 Academic Objectivity, Political Neutrality, and Other Barriers to Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation (conference paper)
January 17 Critical Psychology Issues (conversation hour abstract)
January 17 Is Brookline Ready to Rethink Israel-Palestine? [Op-Ed]
December 3 More Photo Galleries: Abstracts, Travel, Nature, More
November 28

Photo Galleries: Boston Anti-War - Sabeel Conference/Counterprotest - Hummingbirds 2 - Muddy San Miguel River

October 1 Can Social Psychology Depoliticize the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? (ASAP - Book Review)
August 17 Exhibited and Published Photos
July 15 Five Social Psychology Essentials (In-Mind Magazine)
June 12 Photo Galleries: Washington, DC Anti-Israeli-Occupation Rally - Current Favorites
February 13 2006 Photo Galleries & New Favorites
January 12 & 21

More Israel/Palestine Photo Galleries (Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jewish Settlements, Negev, More)

December 22 New Israel/Palestine Photo Galleries (Rahat, Black Hebrews, Bil'in)
December 21 Law, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Comments and Questions from a Visiting Critical Psychologist (guest lecture)
November 8 The Development of North American Critical Psychology, Plus Questions About its Relevance to Israel (colloquium presentation)
October 27 New Israel/Palestine Photo Galleries (Bil'in, Be'er Sheva)
October 5 Psychology, Law, and Justice (new course syllabus)
June 8 Town Meeting Supports Impeachment, Restricts Political Speech (Brookline TAB column)
May 18 Anticipating Town Meeting (Brookline TAB column)
April 27 Selectmen Candidates Debate, Sort-of (Brookline TAB column)
March 30 Impeaching Bush is Just the Start (Brookline TAB column)
March 2 Dispirited Transportation Board Avoids No-win Decision (Brookline TAB column)
February 12 Social Psychology Course Syllabus
February 2 The Social Psychology of Brookline (Brookline TAB column)
January 5 Shopping Mania (Brookline TAB column)
December 8 Frank Smizik's BioLab Balance (Brookline TAB column)
November 17 Police Discretion, Again (Brookline TAB column)
October 26 Curriculum Vita (pdf file)
October 23 New Galleries added to photo site
October 20 Town Meeting Should Oppose Future Biodisaster (Brookline TAB column)
September 22 Brookline's Katrina School Year (Brookline TAB column)
August 25 Brookline Psyched (Brookline TAB column)
August 4 Midsummer Musings (Brookline TAB column)
July 7 Selectmen Institutionalize Transportation Board Lip Service (Brookline TAB column)
June 16 My Return to Israel (Our Town Brookline)
June 16 Denman Island Lessons (Brookline TAB column)
May 19 Town Meeting Drama Time (Brookline TAB column)
May 5 Another Year, Another Election (Brookline TAB column)
April 14 Transportation Board Digs In (Brookline TAB column)
April 6 Israel/Palestine Political Impressions (Babylonia)
March 3 Social Security Disability Politics (
March 2 Ward Churchill, Scapegoat (
February 15 Israel/Palestine Photo Galleries (on my photo website)
February 3 Back from Jerusalem (Brookline TAB column)
January 17 Pessimistic Optimism in Israel and Palestine (
January 6 From Brookline to Jerusalem (Brookline TAB column)
December 2 Town Meeting Inconsistent on Police Discretion (Brookline TAB column)
November 11 Town Meeting in Blue Brookline (Brookline TAB column)
October 21 Town Meeting Should Push Stubborn Transportation Board (Brookline TAB column)
October 19 Bush and Kerry Both Wrong on Judges (
October 14 Bush and Kerry Both Wrong on Education (
October 5 Jerusalem Again: A Personal Political Journey (The Pedestal Magazine)
September 23 Grand Labor Battle at Grand Opening! Sex Boutique (Brookline TAB column)
September 9 Back to School Food, Tests, and Propaganda (Brookline TAB column)
August 26 New: Weblog
August 25 Antiauthoritarianism Interview (Babylonia)
August 19 Random Observations: Housing, Cops, Sex Offenders (Brookline TAB column)
July 29 Appreciating Summertime Brookline (Brookline TAB column)
July 8 Zoned Out at Zoning Hearing(Brookline TAB column)
June 17 Transportation Board Indecision Aggravates Cops and Car-Owners (Brookline TAB column)
June 3 Professional Roles, Police Discretion, and Political Decisions (Brookline TAB column)
May 20 Brookline Reflections after 100 Columns (Brookline TAB column)
May 6 Israel Celebrants and Protesters Bring More Heat than Light (Brookline TAB column;
April 22 Lessons from Kagoshima (Brookline TAB column)
April 8 Police Discretion Worsens Parking-Limit Unfairness (Brookline TAB column)
March 25 Disappointing Development Debate (Brookline TAB column)
March 11 Normalizing Same-Sex Marriage Talk (Brookline TAB column)
February 26 Leaving Children Behind Locally (Brookline TAB column)
February 12 Brookline Place Proposal Not as Bad as Most (Brookline TAB column)
January 29 Car versus Bike (Brookline TAB column)
January 1 Shmoozing with Cops (Brookline TAB column) (Justice XPress)
December 18 Town Snow Job (Brookline TAB column)
December 4 Break the Chains (Brookline TAB column)
November 20 Photo Themes -- New Section added to separate photo site
November 20 Let's Study That! (Brookline TAB column)
November 9 Boston protest against Israel's Separation Wall (Photo Gallery)
November 7 Amer Jubran Deportation Demonstration (Photo Gallery)
November 6 Competing Middle East Stances Confuse and Clarify (Brookline TAB column)
October 30 Waiting for Military Recruitment Clarification.... (Brookline TAB column)
October 9 Uncertain Certainty (Brookline TAB column) (Justice XPress)
September 25 Middle East Mess (Brookline TAB column)
September 11 Teaching Justice (Brookline TAB column)
September 5 Photo Website added (now a separate site)
August 28 Summer's End Sharpens the Pen (Brookline TAB column)
August 14 Marriott Musings (Brookline TAB column)
August 8 Psychopolitical Literacy for Wellness and Justice (Journal of Community Psychology)
July 24 Chuck Morse Takes On Barney Frank (Brookline TAB column)
July 10 Road Maps and Road Blocks (Brookline TAB column)
June 26 Make Participation Count (Brookline TAB column)
June 12 Restructuring for Town Democracy (Brookline TAB column)
May 29 Picking Topics and Picking fights (Brookline TAB column)
May 23 Awareness is Good, but Action is Better (The Counseling Psychologist)
May 15 School Committee Diploma Delay (Brookline TAB column)
May 1 Federman Arrest Reveals Divided Jewish Community (Brookline TAB column)
April 17 Marijuana Bills Move in Right Direction (Brookline TAB column)
April 15 What Next? (Beyond Mainsteam column)
April 3 The War Muddle (Brookline TAB column)
March 13 School Committee May Do (Some of) the Right Thing (Brookline TAB column)
March 3 Confronting Psychology's Power: Comment on Prilleltensky (presentation)
February 26 Critical Psychology Articles Published in the American Psychologist (list)
February 13 Powell Won't Convince Town Anti-war Residents (Brookline TAB column)
January 23 From Affirmative Action to Reparations (Beyond Mainsteam column)
January 16 Diplomas, Licenses, and Bar Mitzvahs (Brookline TAB column)
January 15 Pizza Night (personal essay)
January 2

Alcohol Sting Leaves Sour Taste (Brookline TAB column)

December 19 Will the Brookline School Committee Escalate MCAS Opposition? (Brookline TAB column)
December 5 Jewish Peace Group Faces Difficult Questions (Brookline TAB column)
December 4 New section: Strategies
December 3 When in Doubt, Go Left ( column)
December 1 Toward Transformative Social Interventions (chapter commentary)
November 22 INS Releases Palestinian Activist Amer Jubran--For Now (CounterPunch)
November 21 Justice, Peace, and Amer Jubran (Again) (Brookline TAB column)
November 7 For an Anti-War Town Meeting (Brookline TAB column)
October 24
Election Odds & Ends (Brookline TAB column)
October 10 Time to Cool War Fever (Brookline TAB column)
October 4 We Should Also Worry about a Quick-and-Easy War (American Feed Magazine)
September 27 Will South Dakota Free the Jury? (on jury nullification amendment)
September 26 Electoral Yawns (Brookline TAB column)
September 18 Codeless (personal essay on past EMT experience: in MERGINET.COM)
September 13 Our Persuasion Challenge ( commentary)
September 12

Back-to-School Survey (Brookline TAB column)

September 1

Joining the Expanding Middle (Tikkun Magazine article)

August 28

Democrats Seek Jewish Votes (Brookline TAB column)

August 21

Expanding Critical Psychology's Challenge for Health and Justice (Journal of Health Psychology)

August 15

The Suitability of Political Debate in Psychology (UK Psychology Grad Student Newsletter)

August 14

Latest MCAS Report No Surprise (Brookline TAB column)
Update to Corporate-Sponsored Tests Aim to Standardize Our Kids (for Project Censored listing)

August 13

Kill the Corporation (Opinion column, AlterNet)

August 9

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